The herstory and vision of Tree of Life

When I knew I wanted to create a blog / website, I struggled for ages with what to name it. A girl I used to go to high school with is a very successful blogger (check out intrepid introvert – she was the inspiration behind this website) and her advice was to make sure that the name of the website makes it very obvious to people what you’re all about. In other words, don’t be super creative and elusive to the point of no one knowing what it is that you’re doing, let loose on the internet with an obscure website and no sense of purpose.

So I had a vision for my site, and it was originally going to be just a blog of my travels, a living diary as such, but it’s developing into much more (the vision, not the website yet, but I’m getting there). As I mentioned above, Hannah aka Intrepid Introvert has inspired me over the last few months to see if I can create something more, if I am going to spend all this time blogging and sharing my experiences, can I not turn it into something a bit more than just a bit of entertainment for people? My vision was to have two separate blogs, one about Midwifery, and one about my travel adventures. I want people looking at doing rural agency work to be able to read my blog and see what places I loved and why, and what places were particularly challenging and why. I also want people to be able to benefit from my travels, as I have benefitted from the travel bloggers who I follow, but these two are going to be very closely interlinked as it’s Midwifery that has been my gateway into travel.

So I decided I also needed a resources page, to send people in the direction of things I loved doing, places I loved staying and the agency that I am signed up with which has made this all possible. This is where Hannah tells me I can make a kickback off referrals (how Hannah aka Intrepid Introvert has been traveling the world for the past three years) which is what I am going to attempt to do, to see if I can make this ‘professional blogger’ thing a reality – it’s worth a shot right?

So with these grand plans in my head, I decided I needed a name just as grand, that encompassed both the Midwifery and the travel side of things and the answer was right beneath my nose (or rather between my shoulder blades).

The tree of life has always been a special symbol to me, so much so that my graduation present to myself when I became a Midwife was a huge tree of life tattoo that encompassed all of the important aspects of myself as a person and a Midwife. The tree of life tattoo begins as a woman, the trunk of the tree. She stands strong, the world in her puku (stomach), or rather her uterus, and her arms extending into the branches of a tree. The branches become leaves and flowers and each of the flowers is a flower of the zodiac, with the corresponding zodiac sign in the leaf next to it (my fascination with astrology).

Above this is my Midwifery butterfly – coloured purple and turquoise, the purple being the colour of spirituality, rebirth and illumination, and also the colour of the crown chakra, our connection with the heavens. The blue the soothing waters of the womb, cleansing and pure. I wanted this to look just like a beautiful butterfly at first glance, and then for people to notice that there was babies in it, but not for it to be obvious. I put my two favourite quotes about Midwifery around the wings, lacey and decorative, once again symbolism hidden in beauty that appeared to just be delicate details.

The first quote, “Not only my hands,but also my heart” was a Midwifery quote that we were introduced to back in Midwifery school, and I am unsure of its heritage, but it’s stuck with me through my entire career. The second, Aristotle’s directions for Midwives to assist women in labour, a Midwife must have “A lady’s hand, a hawk’s eye and a lion’s heart”.

So now you can see how much thought went into etching this calling of Midwifery onto my back, you can see how it would be entirely appropriate to embrace this further by incorporating this into the name of my website / blogsite.

Hence Tree of Life, Traveling Midwife was born!

(at home into the loving hands of a Midwife with no unnecessary drugs, drama or doctors….hehehe I couldn’t help myself)

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  1. Yes just fabulous Nic. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Best wishes have fun. Xx

  2. I’ve been waiting for this … great background information Nikita. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventuresite 😃

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