The herstory and vision of Tree of Life

When I knew I wanted to create a blog / website, I struggled for ages with what to name it. A girl I used to go to high school with is a very successful blogger (check out intrepid introvert – she was the inspiration behind this website) and her advice was to make sure that the name of the website makes it very obvious to people what you’re all about. In other words, don’t be super creative and elusive to the point of no one knowing what it is that you’re doing, let loose on the internet with an obscure website and no sense of purpose.

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Inspiration behind this project

Here I am, a routine based, homebody, ‘play it safe’ girl who only likes uncertainty and unpredictability in short bursts of adrenaline precipitated by emergency bells and the hustle bustle of life saving measures in the comfort of a cushy tertiary level hospital environment.

But have I always been like that?

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