About Me

“Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling”
Roman Payne 


My name is Nikita and I am a Midwife from New Zealand. I am also the oldest of five children, the bossy one and the organized one. I come from a large family (both sides) and was raised on a farm for my early childhood and then in a variety of towns and cities all around New Zealand for the remainder of my childhood days. I was a scallywag teenager and dropped out of school but managed to pull it all together and studied Midwifery, graduating at the tender age of 21 at which point I relocated to Hamilton to work in one of New Zealand’s busiest hospitals.

I am a self professed introvert and a ‘play it safe’ personality type who is a bit of a homebody. However, I have recently made the decision to go and explore the world in which we live, to work and play all over the globe.

I have chosen to sign up with an agency in Australia that will provide me with short term Midwifery contracts all over remote and rural Australia, and the plan is to work and travel my way around Australia, whilst also traveling the world (in a work 6 months, travel 6 months style – all going as planned).

As an introvert, this adventure, and doing it solo, feels very daunting and huge. I plan to document it, as a living diary, so hopefully I can inspire and enlighten you all with a non-sugar coated, real life account of midwifery in other countries, traveling solo and the inevitable self discovery that will occur from such a huge lifestyle change with all of its challenges and victories.

The tree of life traveling midwife page originally started as a way for me to express myself in my travels but has (in my mind) evolved into so much more. I can see the huge potential here and have huge plans for the future of this project. I have always been interested in global midwifery and since voluteering in Vanuatu in 2012, I have longed to make a difference to midwifery globally, and this project has the potential to do that.

Feel free to observe, or walk beside me as my tree of life evolves and unravels.